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MAP-Edu Community Meetings

MAP-Edu Community Meetings, previously known as MAP Ed Quarterly Meetings, were initially created as a quarterly meeting for MAP Leaders to stay connected and active upon graduating from our MAP Adult and Youth Leadership Academies.

Today, MAP Leader or not, we encourage everyone in the community to attend! Every community meeting is focused on current trends and topics relevant to what we are experiencing in town. We invite guest speakers to provide information and resources based on the meeting topic. Topics include, but are not limited to, information regarding the Monrovia Area Partnership, Police Department, Fire Department, Planning Development Highlights, City Manager Updates, and more! If you feel like there is a topic you’d like to hear about, please submit your suggestion(s) to

If you like to stay informed on the trending community topics, voice your thoughts, ask questions, and love to network, then this event is for you!



Next meeting:

Saturday, November 4, 2023

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

MAP is all about educating the community... and to do that, we need YOU!

MAP-Edu meetings are offered to keep the community educated on relevant community trends and to highlight opportunities for involvement. The public is welcome to attend these meetings to become better informed and to spend time with community partners and neighbors.

In addition to our regularly scheduled programs, MAP creates additional events and programs during the year in response to new opportunities in our community. 

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