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Want to Get Involved in Monrovia?

Look no further! The goal of the Monrovia Area Partnership (MAP) is to connect residents with resources and their local government. We are passionate about unifying our diverse community! The first step is to participate in our annual Leadership Academy for youth and adults. Upon graduation you will join the hundreds of residents, City Council, and Commissioners who have become MAP Leaders!

Whether you are a MAP Leader or not, you are welcome to attend any of our MAP events throughout the year. This includes our quarterly MAP-edu meetings to learn about important topics, or the annual Block Party, or the annual MAP Conference held in April. As a MAP Leader it is important to stay connected and stay involved! Graduating the academy is just the beginning!



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Help us connect with residents by volunteering at MAP events, hosting your own block parties, helping at Make a Difference Day, and so much more! As a MAP Leader you are empowered to be a resource to your neighbors and find the right help for the situation. MAPconnect is focused on organizing the dedicated MAP Leaders in Monrovia in four zones so they can concentrate their collaboration. 

1. #Volunteerism

Volunteer your time at MAP events to assist our MAP Team with setting up, decorating, operating the MAP booth, packing food, and much more. There are many opportunities to volunteer your time to help MAP and the community. As these points add up you will move into the Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers of MAP Leaders. Each tier earns a custom MAP pin and certificate. Gold tier MAP Leaders will be featured on our homepage for their dedicated volunteerism over the years! 

MAP Bronze Level (35 points) - MAP Silver Level (100 points) - MAP Gold Level (200 points)

By volunteering and donating your hours, MAP will also award MAP Leaders the

United States Presidential Volunteer Service Award!

MAP Leaders can receive Bronze (100-250 hours), Silver (250-500 hours), and Gold (500+ hours).

A MAP Leader will achieve the MAP Gold Level before reaching the Silver United States Award. The goal is that our MAP Leaders will reach GOLD status both in the MAP Program and nationally. Once a year, MAP will introduce all MAP Leaders who achieve a new level in the MAP Program and the United States Service Award. 

2. Zone Coordinators & Co-Coordinators

Are you a MAP Leader interested in leading others? Do you have some free time to help organize and share MAP information with MAP Leaders in nearby neighborhoods? Then sign-up to be one of our four Zone Coordinators or Co-Coordinaotrs. They help manage the MAP email list in their zone to share current information happening in Monrovia and specific to that zone. They will coordinate a social media page and help organize block parties in their zone! It hardly takes any extra time, just a passion to keep everyone informed! These positions also earn additional points for the work they do in their Zone. It is a great way to jump up your tiers! Check out the zones below to find your zone. 
















3. Earning Volunteer Points

MAP Leaders can start to earn points as soon as they graduate from the Leadership Academy. Points are simple - 1 point typically for every hour that you volunteer. This could be attending MAP events or helping out. Bonus points are earned for specific activities and not time. 

MAP Bronze Tier (35 points) - MAP Silver Tier (100 points) - MAP Gold Tier (200 points)

Join a commission and/or become a CERT Volunteer (10 pts)
Provide a Gift to a New Neighbor or a New Baby (5 pts)
Participate in the City's Holiday Decorating Contest (5 pts)
Re-share a Facebook Post (1 pt)
Community Services (1 pt/1 hr)
Like a Facebook Post (1 pt)
Community Garden (1 pt/1 hr)
Follow us on Social Media (1 pt)
KGEM Volunteer (1 pt/1 hr)
Wear MAP Leader Green Shirt to a MAP Event (1 pt)
Boys/Girls Club (1 pt/1 hr)
Write a MAP Newsletter Highlight (1 pt)
Help with Holiday Parade Float (1 pt/1 hr)
Library Storytime (1 pt/1 hr)
Bring a Neighbor to a MAP Event (1 pt)
Volunteer at Make a Difference Day (4 pts)
YMCA (1 pt/1 hr)
Refer a Someone to the Academy (10 pts)
Speak at Academy (2 pts)
Historical Museum (1 pt/1 hr)
Become a Co-Leader (5 pts)
Attend Neighborhood Treasure (2 pts)
City Volunteer (PD/FD/CERT/Code) work and non-meeting (1 pt/1 hr)
Become a Zone Leader (10 pts)
Attend/Volunteer at Annual Block Party (3 pts)
Foothill Unity (1 pt/1 hr)
Host a Clean-Up (5 pts)
Attend/Volunteer at Conference (6 pts)
Volunteer Center (1 pt/1 hr)
Host a Neighborhood Meeting (5 pts)
Attend a MAP-edu (2 pts)
Attend a Neighborhood Block Party (1 pt)
Host a Block Party (5 pts)
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