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Block Party Trailer

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The Block Party Trailer is available for City of Monrovia residents to reserve, free of charge. It is filled with items to help you and your neighbors have a successful block party!

Items in the trailer include:

The Block Party Trailer is designed with the goal of supporting the development of neighborhoods and being an instrument to build relationships between neighbors.

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Important Considerations before reserving the Block Party Trailer:

  • Need to close the street? See Street Closure Information below.

Use of the trailer for the following reasons is prohibited:

  • Personal Use (Birthdays, Weddings, Quinceañeras, etc.)

  • Homeowner Association or Property Management Sanctioned Events (Annual Picnics, Monthly Meetings, etc.)

  • Religious/Faith-Based Events

  • Commercial/Business/Sporting Events

  • Fundraising Events

  • Political or partisan rallies, forums, or events

  • Any event that pertains to an upcoming election item

  • Any event that pertains to a potential policy item that could come before the Monrovia City Council

Reservation Requirements

To reserve the Block Party Trailer, the requester must:

  • Reside in Monrovia

  • Live within 0.5 mile of the requested drop-off location

  • Be 21 years of age or older

  • Provide reliable contact information

  • Be present to inspect the trailer and contents upon delivery and departure

  • Assume responsibility for the trailer and its contents from the time of delivery, until the trailer departs.

If your event requires a street closure, you will need to submit a Special Event Permit.

  • Obtain signatures from ALL the residents on the street, intersection to intersection that will be affected by the street closure.

  • Residents must be notified of any street closure, regardless of whether or not they plan on attending the block party. By signing the sheet, they are indicating they were notified of the date and times of the closure.

  • After the street closure request is processed, a permit letter will be mailed to the responsible party.

Trailer Availability

The MAP Block Party Trailer is available for drop off on Thursday and picked up on Monday from June-October (excluding blackout dates). Reservations must be made at least three weeks in advance of the scheduled event.

Trailer Drop-Off Information

The trailer will be delivered by City of Monrovia staff on the Thursday before the scheduled block party event. When parking the Block Party Trailer, you will need 55' for the truck and trailer, 12' behind the trailer for the ramp and unloading space and 6' in front of the truck so that the truck has room to pull out once the event is over. The trailer including the wheel wells is 8.5 feet wide. When the trailer is parked and the rear ramp is dropped, you will need about 6' of working room at the end of the ramp. The trailer must be parked in parking spots or driveways.


Trailer Pick-Up Information


Trailer must be ready for departure by the scheduled 30 minute load and clean time set aside at the end of the block party. The trailer must be cleaned and in the same condition as when it was delivered. It is required that the block party host and participants assist in the cleaning and loading of the trailer. A city of Monrovia staff member will do an inventory of the contents while the trailer is being packed. The party host must sign for the beginning and ending contents of the trailer and is responsible for the repair or replacement of damaged items at current cost.

How to Reserve

Submit your request by filling out the request form below. A request DOES NOT guarantee reservation of the block party trailer! All reservations must be confirmed by City of Monrovia staff.




Email the completed form to, along with the following items if you decide to close the street:


Contact Information

For questions or for more information, please contact or call

(626) 932-5563.

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