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About Us

The Monrovia Area Partnership was formed because the initial start-up of the program relied solely on the partnership of collaborative ideas and various discussions from individuals who worked and lived in Monrovia that wanted to join forces in taking positive actions to improve their community.


The Monrovia Area Partnership's inception in 2006 was due to Monrovia experiencing obstacles in the relationship between residents and local government. In addition to this, there was an increase in crime, blighted conditions, and apathetic residents in some neighborhoods.

Impact on the Community

The Monrovia Area Partnership (MAP) has evolved over the years but has remained and continues to stand out as a program that provides great education, tools, resources, information, and motivation to get involved in the community. Many who have attended our programs are now actively involved in the community; volunteering, serving on various boards and commissions, in contact with City Officials and serving as a leader in their neighborhoods!

We encourage you to keep up the MAP Leader momentum by joining us in conversation with City Leaders and in educational opportunities that will empower you even further in effecting that change. Additional information regarding how to reach us and about upcoming community meetings, leadership academies, etc. can be found below.  We look forward to you being a part of the team!

How to Get Involved

YOU are what steers Monrovia in the right direction, so start now by connecting with us, the Monrovia Area Partnership!

MAP Email List




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