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Zone Initiative


Our Zone Coordinators and Co-Coordinators are chosen by MAP staff through a list of interested MAP Leaders. Coordinators are chosen based on interest, as well as capability, availability, and accessibility.

All MAP Leaders that have gone through the Leadership Academies are qualified to serve as Zone Coordinators and/or Co-Coordinators, but those who show a greater interest in the positions have been contacted to serve one of our four (4) different zones of the City: North West, South West, North East, and South East. 

Once Zone Coordinators and Co-Coordinators are selected, they undergo a brief training to learn their goals and expectations for the term. The overall goal of the Zone Coordinators and Co-Coordinators is to communicate the zone's specific needs to their respective blocks in order to better facilitate resources, meetings, and events. Not only will this benefit the Zones, but it will also help City staff reach a larger audience that may not have access to devices and/or have the capability to visit City facilities to retrieve information, resources, and invitations to free events.

Which Zone Are You In?

MAPconnect Map.JPG

The expectations of Zone Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators is to host a minimum of four (4) events for their zone, whether it's an informal neighborhood meeting or a block party, and to keep their Zone engaged via social media (Facebook groups) and email groups. Please refer to the Zone map above to determine which Zone you are in and get in touch with the Coordinators in your Zone.

2023 Zone Coordinators & Co-Coordinators

Submit Your Interest

We strive to keep our records up to date of our MAP Leaders and ask that you submit this simple form even if you are actively receiving our emails. This will help the MAP Team track the MAP Graduates from over the years. If you are interested in becoming a Zone Coordinator or Co=Coordinator in the following term, please select the box "Interested in being a Zone Coordinator".

Thanks for submitting!
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