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MAP Anniversary Block Party

MAP’s kick-off party in 2009 held at Julian Fisher Park was the start of our MAP Block Parties. The goal of those block parties was to bring neighbors out to meet with each other, city officials and local organizations. Simply put, they were meant to create a sense of community. The MAP team hosted many such block parties with an increased focus in those neighborhoods that were feeling disengaged from the community. The block parties served to remind not just one neighborhood or street, but the entire community that we're all in this together. Together building a premier community.

 So, what better way to remind folks of this than by throwing an old fashioned block party at Julian Fisher Park. There will be free food, music, games, information booths, raffles,  and most importantly a chance to celebrate this amazing community that we enjoy today.

Block Parties are created to foster relationships among residents, strengthen the community, and enhance city services. Activities include food, music, games,  raffles, and giveaways. City staff is on hand to update participants on current programs and listen to concerns and suggestions. 

A new component to MAP’s Block Parties is the unveiling of the Neighborhood Treasures Program. Neighborhood Treasures is an innovative approach to showcase Monrovia’s unsung heroes through art and education.  Local artists will create artwork that honors the chosen “treasures” and the adjacent interpretative signage will share the outstanding accomplishments of these fine Monrovians. 

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