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MAP Leadership Academies

The MAP Adult Leadership Academy began in 2009 as a way to give residents in Monrovia an opportunity to learn about how local government operates, how to be a leader in their neighborhood, and how to stay active in the community through building valuable relationships with other members in the community. You can be a resident, business owner, or even someone from another city wanting to learn about different ways to incorporate ideas into the community - it does not matter because we invite everyone to come out to be a part of our Monrovia Area Partnership Team!

After 7 weeks of learning and building relationships, a graduation will be held in front of City Council to honor your accomplishment of officially becoming a MAP Leader. What does it mean to be a MAP Leader? It means that you are a key component to our community because your responsibility is to help keep other members of the community informed, to provide resources, or simply answer a question. This is a great opportunity to practice your inner leader and to lead by example for those in your neighborhood, your community, your work, EVERYWHERE!


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Adult Leadership Academy

The MAP Adult Leadership Academy was formed to educate our residents about city government and how it functions and to provide leadership skills and resources to assist them in becoming connected and active in the community.


This academy is held annually and provides graduates with a solid foundation of knowledge to jump-start their work in the community. Many MAP graduates (MAP Leaders) have and/or are currently serving in the community in various roles in their neighborhoods, in various organizations, on boards and commissions and on City Council.


Today, our MAP Adult Leadership Academy boasts over 400+ graduated leaders and you can be one of those - join us in the positive change! 

Youth Leadership Academy

The MAP Youth Leadership Academy is an opportunity for those in grades 6-12 gain education, skills, and resources that will prepare them to become a leader. The first step towards being an exceptional leader is by taking advantage of opportunities to learn different ways to better yourself, someone that can reflect onto others and make a positive impact in the community! 


This free opportunity is held annually from September to October for 7 consecutive Wednesdays and gives our youth a chance to get out of their comfort zones by practicing public speaking, learning about local government, learning how to be a leader, building their resumes, practicing mock interviews, and more!

Graduates become MAP Leaders - a key component of our Monrovia Area Partnership (MAP) program. We consider ourselves a family, so join us on this wonderful journey in becoming the best leader you can be!

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