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Monrovia Area

Annual Neighborhood Conference

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 14th Annual Neighborhood Conference. It was a day filled with learning, connection, and community spirit. Here's a recap of the highlights from this year's event:

Workshops: Attendees had the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of workshops covering topics such as Development in Monrovia, Police Etiquette, GoMonrovia and SB1383 Organic Waste Recycling. Led by knowledgeable facilitators, these sessions provided valuable insights and practical tools for creating positive change in our neighborhoods.

Information Fair: The information fair featured booths and exhibits from local organizations, nonprofits, and city departments. Attendees had the chance to learn about resources and services available in our community, connect with representatives from various organizations, and discover opportunities to get involved in meaningful initiatives.

Yoga Sessions: Yoga enthusiasts enjoyed relaxing and rejuvenating yoga session. Led by an experienced instructor these sessions provided a peaceful space for attendees to unwind, stretch, and practice mindfulness amidst the hustle and bustle of the conference.

Free Breakfast and Food: A hearty breakfast spread greeted attendees as they arrived, providing a nourishing start to the day. Throughout the event, complimentary refreshments and snacks were available to keep everyone fueled and hydrated as they participated in workshops and activities.

Community Building: One of the highlights of the conference was the opportunity for attendees to connect with one another, forge new friendships, and strengthen bonds within our community. Whether through lively discussions during workshops or casual conversations over breakfast, the spirit of camaraderie and collaboration was palpable throughout the day.

With over 350 attendees, this year's conference was a resounding success, thanks to the enthusiasm and engagement of our community members. Together, we reaffirmed our commitment to building strong, vibrant neighborhoods where everyone can thrive.

Stay tuned for updates on next year's Annual Neighborhood Conference. We look forward to continuing this tradition of learning, connection, and community building in the years to come!

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