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MAP Leader Toolkit

The MAP team strives to enhance Monrovia neighborhoods through programs and collaborative partnerships between neighborhoods, community volunteers, and various City departments to obtain long-lasting and tangible results. This MAP Leader Toolkit is intended to help MAP Neighborhood Leaders and residents to connect to City resources, and learn practical tips on engaging their neighbors.


See below for resources pertaining to Neighborhood Engagement.

Neighborhood Leadership

Interested in growing as a leader within your Community? The MAP Leadership Academies can help you grow your leadership skills as well as expand your knowledge about city operations and practices. Learn more about the Leadership Academies here.

Welcome Wagon

Did you recently have a new neighbor move into your community? Jump on the welcome wagon with some of these helpful tips and resources. Printable resources can be included directly into your welcome package or loaded onto a memory stick for easy sharing.

Tips for Welcoming a New Neighbor

5+ Ways to Welcome New Neighbors - MAP Pinterest


Are you looking for ideas to enhance your next meeting or block party? Borrow these activities to help break the ice and build new relationships at your next neighborhood gathering.

Tips for Hosting a Good Meeting or Event

(Printable Activities & Relevant Articles)

City of Monrovia Event Spaces

Rent a City facility. Please note that a cost maybe incurred.

Helpful Content

Cool, Fun Content for Engaging Your Neighbors

  • Neighborhood Block Party and Social Event Ideas 

  • Service and Beautification Ideas

Helpful City Flyers That You Can Share

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