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Monrovia Area Partnership

Learn about who we are,

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Monrovia Area Partnership

The Monrovia Area Partnership (MAP) is a program that is a part of the Neighborhood & Business Services Division run out of the Community Development Department at City Hall.


The MAP program was formed in 2006 as a community based program to combat crime, blight, and resident apathy. We realized that this could not be accomplished without the most important participants... our residents! MAP’s mission is to increase civic engagement, strengthen relationships and build community. This is accomplished through resident assistance, neighborhood cultivation and community education.  MAP is a partnership of staff, residents, businesses and service organizations all working together with the common goal of building a premier community.  


There are many opportunities for community members to get involved and to stay active in the City. Remember, you can make a difference. Why not start now? Get involved with the MAP program and make your mark today!

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